Testimonial Yvonne

I am Yvonne Winter, 53 years old and the mother of three adult children. I was born in Amsterdam, but I enjoy living in Lelystad. I now also live in Greece for a certain time because of the work of my husband.

Every year I organize a one-off large three-day Hippy market next to Bataviastad and by linking a nice charity to this every year, I can also give back to others.

I also have an online webshop with, among other things, nutritional supplements, called Leukewinkel.com. My passion is helping people in any way. With each other, for each other.

I went to a Beyuna meeting in Amsterdam with an acquaintance and during the meeting I was really inspired by the speakers. It felt like a warm bath. The people were so nice and sweet, the products are great and the concept was good. I had a good feeling about it. I got in that same night and thought, what could possibly go wrong? I‘ll just start and see how it goes… After all, I didn't have that much to lose. In the meantime, I started using the products (and also my family).

It’s been five months since I started. I have already built up a small team and we learn a lot from each other, which is so much fun! Everything in your own time and at your own pace, that is actually ideal! And now from abroad. Everything just goes on. In addition, the coaching from Beyuna is really great.

My goal is to help many people live a healthier life and gain a healthy financial situation. I am convinced that I will achieve this goal!