Testimonial Birgit

Because of my husband's work, I have lived in several countries abroad for more than 25 years and because of that I also got to know different cultures and languages. The last destination was Switzerland, where we are co-owners of a beautiful and atmospheric mountain hotel.

Back in the Netherlands I wanted to meet new people with new stories, new energy, new friendships. I came into contact with Beyuna through networking in August 2014. The concept of network marketing was new to me, but I soon saw that it could work for me. In addition to my job in events and hospitality, I wanted to do something different, such as risk spreading, a plan B.

That turned out to be a good decision last March 2020. All my regular work stopped but I never felt stressed about that and immediately picked up Beyuna full time. Just start and shrug it off. That has led to me building a nice team within a few months. And in 3 months I grew from Mercury to Jupiter.

The international character, doing business in several countries at the same time, really appeals to me. Meeting a lot of people online, that makes the world smaller and offers a lot of possibilities. Followed by traveling of course.

I am super happy and proud of myself to have won an award. My team and my upline have also helped me get this far and I want to thank them very much for all the help and conversations. I have very nice and sweet colleagues around me, whether or not they are in my organization. I enjoy that every day.

My organization needs to at least double this year…that's it. We are going to make it a great year together. That is possible with Beyuna and it's what i wish for everyone.